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How strong must guard fencing be?

“Guards shall resist static and dynamic forces according to the risk assessment.” 

What does “presumption of conformity” mean?

How manufacturers may use a standard as evidence to correctly applied the regulation of EU 

When does machinery need a guard railing/fall protection?

In such cases workplaces are more than 500 mm above the floor. Read more... 

Is it required that access doors in safety fencing always open to the outside?

For machinery this is a part of the risk assessment. Consider the following:

Some switches prevent the door from being opened

Some door switches prevent the door from being opened (so-called “guard locking”). When are such...

Why is a safety distance between the inside of a fence and a hazard required?

A safety fence will prevent persons from entering the hazard zone. However, somebody could stick...

FAQ maximum gap

What is the maximum gap allowed between the floor and the bottom edge of safety fences?

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