X-Rail Fall Protection



Our X-Rail fall protection system can be used as an edge protection for mezzanine floors. The system is a modification of our X-Guard range and therefore the system can fill dual purposes, mezzanine protection and machine guarding. X-Rail can be used either without panels or with X-Guard Classic panels - mesh, plastic, and sheet metal.

Our X-Rail Fall protection products

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X-Rail Fall protection

There is a quick and easy way to improve safety on mezzanine floors, platforms and walkways and eliminate the risk of falling from a height in your workplace. Here is a guide to what you need to know about Axelents X-Rail Fall Protection system.

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Why X-Rail?

The X-Rail system will mean safety for you and your employees. Additionally, it helps you save money and opens new opportunities that were not available before. With X-Rail you will get a strong, easy to install and completely modular system that will satisfy your needs and improve safety in your workplace. Tested and approved against the following standards:

    • DIN EN ISO 14122-3: 2016
    • BS 6180:2011
    • AS 1657:2018
    • OSHA 1910.29

All tests and verification have been performed with below various types of floor to ensure that it works in different environments:

    • Concrete
    • 38 mm mdf board placed on top of an I-beam in steel
    • Grid floor placed above an I-beam in steel

When and why do you need fall protection?

Depending on the industry you are working in, the requirements for having a fall protection installed differ. Some businesses require protection from the floor level while others are more generous. A simple rule is that if your employees work at a height of more than a meter above a level below, you need some form of fall protection. Especially if they are working above equipment or substances that may be harmful or if they could lose grip and fall. If a fall accident should occur, it could be fatal. In any industry, the staff’s safety always needs to be the main concern and top priority. By installing a correct and certified system from the very beginning you are not only protecting your employees, you are also saving money by preventing accidents and downtime of damaged machinery. Make sure that you always consult a safety expert and do research to prevent injury to your personnel and violation of safety rules. On page 4 we list the standards fulfilled by X-Rail. These are standards for fall protection and guard railing systems to ensure that regulations and requirements are met.

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