Innovation and sustainability have an impact on the entire business


"There’s something special about companies like Axelent, where the founders are still actively working in the company. This means that values such as innovation and sustainability will have an impact on the entire operation. They would not have gained their global market share, had their large export revenues and opened factories in other parts of the world, if they had not constantly developed and refined their products and offerings.


This could be especially true in tough times. It was ten years ago that the major crisis in the automotive industry and the financial crisis occurred. And right now, we’re in the middle of a really tough economic period due to the coronavirus pandemic.
It has hit us incredibly hard, because we’re so dependent on trade and exchange with the outside world. Over the decades that Axelent has been in business, companies have also come under threat from protectionism. Certain voices are calling for reduced cooperation, closed borders and trade restrictions.

What many forget is that all trade and jobs are local. Without local jobs, no trade – and vice versa. Openness to the outside world – trade – is vital to maintaining jobs in the region.


"One key to success and an attitude noticed at all Axelent companies global is what you can call “we-get-it-done-ness"


Which means that you don’t just sit on your hands, waiting for someone else to do something for you, you do it yourself. You get things done, you take responsibility for youself and also for others.
The essence of it is that so many people are dependent on each other. If a company is going through hard times, this will have repercussions for other companies. This invisible network between subcontractors - both competitors and colleagues - creates trust and good faith. It’s about effective collaboration but also about being creative and finding new ways to do things - with the whole world as its marketplace.


Source: Article from Axelent's book "30 years of security"

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