Truck driving regulations

 The Swedish Work Environment Authority compiles statistics over industrial accidents and has taken action over truck driving, something that has led to fewer accidents.



Employers are responsible for safety and for establishing truck regulations at the workplace to ensure that nobody is injured. Employers must also plan routes, both indoors and outdoors, for drivers as well as walkers in the workplace. There are no rules that say you have to use blinkers when turning, but should your employer make the assessment that it is risky to turn in a certain area without using blinkers then they may add this to the workplace truck regulations. Sometimes a signal person may also be required.

As long as trucks are driven in cordoned areas then the company regulations apply, but normal traffic regulations apply when driven in non-cordoned areas.



Who is allowed to drive a truck?
Anybody who has completed a truck driving course. And, of course, been approved. There are, however, no requirements for how such a course is formed, which might seem odd. As a precaution, passing the course is not sufficient in itself. Employers must also give their approval before a truck licence is issued. Employers also have the ultimate responsibility.

Is a normal driving licence required?
No, if you drive a truck indoors you will not need a normal driving licence. But if you drive on a road outside the cordoned area, you will need at least a tractor driving licence.

Avoiding accidents
Accidents involving trucks are commonplace. Collision accidents are the most common by far and usually lead to ankle injuries. But many accidents can be prevented by means of fire protection, warning signs and markings, and by changing behavioural patterns in the workplace.

More about truck driving:
You will find all the truck driving regulations in the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s provisions AFS 2006:5. 

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