Meet Arno Purtzki, Area Salesperson at Axelent Germany

Arno Purtzki began his career as a carpenter and finally joined the market leader in the field of C-parts as a salesman. Since 2016 he has been working as an Area Salesperson at Axelent Germany. And in this position, Arno is responsible for the customers based in the Southern region of Germany.

Besides working Arno like to do sports like MTB, road bike, hiking, cross-country and alpine skiing. He is also a big fan of FC Bayern Munich and have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years. Another passion is to travel to new countries and cities together with his wife.

Arno Purtzki)


How would you describe a normal day at work?
– Our daily challenges are to maintain our existing customer contacts and to advise and support them with their projects and questions. Another task is to make new contacts and to inspire potential clients to use our products. To maintain this, it is ideal to be in the right place at the right time – together with the customers.

Mainly Arno is meeting customers, and one day of the week he manages the day-to-day activities with his colleagues at the office. He describes the company culture at Axelent as a flat hierarchy where everyone has the opportunity to exchange ideas with superiors and colleagues on equal terms.

– I am glad to be in such an open work environment, says Arno.

What characterizes Axelent as an employer?
– Axelent has a trusting and collaborative approach to all the employees. There is a great team spirit and a trust among the colleagues that we really make a difference.


Even though Axelent has a trusting and collaborative approach, a company requires good salesmen too. But what differentiates a good salesperson? Arno believes that it is important to be open and communicative, but he has something else in mind that might be even more central.

– Safety is our core business. And the trust of our customers is a very precious asset. It is important to offer and sell our solutions through our know-how, which our customers can rely on without any doubt. It is also important with a reliable one-to-one contact and to be available to the customer on site, says Arno.

What do you like best about your job?
– Every customer appointment and every project are different. I think it is the change and variation that motivates and inspires me the most. When I arrive at work, I never know how my day will end, and that is exciting.

And what is the most challenging thing about your job?
– I think the most challenging thing is to make the most of the available day. I continually need to optimize route planning and time management, and that can be a challenge.

Even though time and optimization can be a struggle, Arno states that Axelent provides all the employees a varied everyday work with a lot of new stimulating challenges.

– The best thing is that I have a great team by my side to help me master these daily tasks.

What is your best advice to people who are curious about working at Axelent?
– My advice is to get your own picture of Axelent as an employer. I am sure you're not going to be disappointed. And in my point of view, Axelent is a great employer for whom you are willing to give that little extra every day.


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