Enduring partnership for safer storage

Better and safer storage environments comprise an ambition shared by EAB and Axelent. Here we reveal more of the details behind the enduring partnership enjoyed by the two companies. 

Erik Andersson, a carpenter by trade, founded the family business EAB in his home village of Smålandsstenar back in the late 1950s. The company was specialised in building interiors forged from metal, starting with banisters. Over the years, the business has evolved to encompass three main product segments – steel buildings, industrial doors and storage equipment.

Although the company has grown and Erik's sons Per-Åke and Sven-Gunnar have now taken over the day-to-day running, its heart and production remain – as always – in Smålandsstenar.

Magnus Ullerås)


Axelent and EAB have been partners for some 20 years. Axelent is one of the company's subcontractors in the storage equipment segment, with EAB delivering turnkey concepts to customers. The partnership is mainly centred on products such as mesh shelving, anti-tip protection and machine guards. 

"I guess it all began with a need for the kind of products that Axelent delivers, and we found them to be an interesting and capable supplier. Over the years, our partnership has evolved and grown increasingly stronger, and today they are one of our key suppliers," explains Magnus Ullerås, project manager and sales manager at EAB.

Sven-Erik Andersson, sales manager at Axelent AB, fills in.

"Our partnership with EAB has always been characterised by give and take. We help each other out and, in many ways, I guess we've developed together. We've been open to their needs and those of their customers, striving to resolve any problems as quickly and effectively as possible. And that's an area where I think we've shown great progress."

Sven-Erik Andersson


The usual procedure is for EAB to present a drawing or requirements specification describing what they need, in most cases anti-tip protection or mesh shelving, which Axelent then uses to prepare a quotation.

"For the most part, it involves relatively simple applications and scenarios, but sometimes we stumble upon more complex applications. And in such cases we need to collaborate more closely and intensely. So we cover the whole spectrum, for sure," says Magnus.

Magnus believes that the underlying reason for this enduring partnership is that Axelent has a good product at the right price. However, speedy feedback and quotations, and the furnishing of solid documentation in the form of drawings and exact prices, also play a decisive role for both EAB and their customers.

"Understanding and speed are aspects we value greatly, and we always get excellent material to present to the customer."

As to which trends can be discerned and the future outlook, Magnus believes that increasing safety awareness among customers is a good sign.

"I have complete confidence in increasing safety awareness leading to a growing need for different safety solutions, such as mesh and wire products. So, in my opinion, the future market for these types of products looks very bright."

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