Axelent and Evomatic – a successful partnership

Several years in, the partnership between Axelent and Evomatic is a well-oiled machine. The high-tech robotic factory they built together in the Swedish town of Karlshamn is a shining example of great teamwork.



In addition to all the technology and mesh walls, the factory also boasts sixteen Yaskawa robots. The entire solution was fully assembled at the manufacturing plant for verification and approval before being dismantled and transported to the client.

“As a turnkey supplier within machine safety, Axelent was the obvious choice. Combined with X-Guard, Axelent’s X-Tray is the perfect solution for cable trays. This is because the assembly process is fully optimised, quickly and smoothly providing professional results,” explains Pär Johnson, the concerned project manager at Evomatic.

The end client for the robotic factory is a leading company in the corrugated cardboard industry. With so many different parts and components involved in the project, a successful outcome was especially important.

“In this case, Axelent supplied some 200 panels, 120 poles, 20 doors with locks and 100 cable trays. The cells had complex layouts, so Axelent was involved throughout our process to devise the final solution,” says Pär.

Evomatic was founded in 1998 and is now one of Sweden’s largest automation integrators. The company’s core clientele are found in the automotive, food, general and engineering industries. The company has about 80 employees based in the Swedish towns of Karlshamn and Alingsås.

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