Our impact protection are designed for a simple future


Whatever the challenge, we know the significance of creating solutions that can handle them. We’ve spent years in development to make sure our products exceeds all expectations. To succeed, we had to create something no one had done before. Pushing the design to the limit. The result is our refined impact protection system.

We call it X-Protect.


"We’ve spent years in development to make sure our products exceeds all expectations."


Axelents new impact protection system with shock absorption 

This is the only system that changes with your needs. The modular design makes it easy to install, replace and allows you to alter existing configurations. Shock absorption is built in which means fewer parts and pure materials, making X-Protect completely recyclable. We even made it compatible with our machine guarding products. Safety has never been this flexible. 

Safety is just our starting point. Our goal is flexibility. Welcome to a new era of impact protection with products designed to simplify your future! 

Click here to find out more about our X-Protect system.


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