Axelent Engineering acquires new companies and wins prestigious contracts

Axelent Engineering is in a very expansive phase. Two companies have been acquired during the past 18 months. First Hillerstorps Specialmaskiner AB, recently followed by Finnvedens Maskinteknik AB (FMT). The acquisitions mean strengthened customer relations and enhanced robot, PLC programming, electrical and mechanical engineering skills.




Axelent Engineering is a knowledge-based company located in three towns in Småland; Hillerstorp, Gislaved and Huskvarna. Places that embrace industrial traditions and entrepreneurial spirit. With more than 40 years' experience, the highly skilled workforce in Gislaved and Hillerstorp focus on machinery and automation while the Huskvarna office provides consultancy services. All parts of the company are undergoing very positive development.

Two orders this spring worth around SEK 40 million

Axelent Engineering and the global company Väderstad AB, manufacturer of agricultural machinery, have enjoyed a successful partnership for a good many years years. Axelent Engineering is a part of Väderstad’s innovative development team and together we previously developed a unique production method. The time has now come again. Väderstad is investing in 5,000 square metres of new premises that will house the company's thus far largest production automation. Axelent Engineering has been shown continued trust and will help with smart and unique automation solutions that will ensure continued success in the global market for Väderstad.




Further contracts with the focus on automation

Axjo Plastic AB manufactures, markets and sells cable drums and other round packaging for cables, fibre and other string products. A brand new production facility is to be built and Axelent Engineering's task is to further develop the existing production system and to improve the assembly process.


“Automating and creating profitable flows is the foundation of our entire business concept. By using the right knowledge and the right tools at the right time, we get the right conditions for an efficient flow, which is a "golden thread" that permeates all projects signed by Axelent Engineering,” concludes Richard Skogward, MD of Axelent Engineering AB.

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