Product launch of X-It Electric – lock for a safe warehouse storage

14 sep. 2021• Logistiek & Veiligheid

Restrict access in your warehouses with our new electronic lock

Many times, a safe warehouse storage is a must in industries and logistics centers. As access and availability sometimes need to be limited in a workplace, an electronic lock is a smart and cost-effective solution. We explain how our new electronic lock X-It Electric works, how it differs from a standardized cylinder lock and how it can be supplemented with an existing access control system.


An increased need for electronic locks within the industry

An increased demand from our customers forms the basis for the development of the lock and it is a progress of the standardized cylinder lock. Previously, the X-It family consisted of mechanical locks, but with a growing need in the market for an electronic lock with RFID encoding, we developed X-It Electric.


The difference between a standardized cylinder lock and X-It Electric

Our new lock is a product in the X-It range and visually they are very similar to each other. What distinguishes X-It Electric from the cylinder locks is the electronic locking function. Instead of a knob, the mechanics work through an electronic switch, tag or card. The electronic lock makes it possible to use the same tag or key fob for both the main entrance and different storage spaces, since the same RFID coding is used throughout the building. This makes it possible to build a delimited warehouse space with limited access, which means increased security in warehouse premises. Nevertheless, X-It Electric has a mechanical evacuation feature that can be accessed from the inside in the event of a power failure.


Unique features

  • Compatible with all electronic access control systems.
  • Easy installation.
  • Can be opened mechanically in the event of a power failure.
  • Light indicator that shows whether the lock is in an open or locked position.
  • Compatible with multiple doors from Axelent.


X-It Electric from Axelent differs from other products on the market, only the lock is needed to achieve the electric locking function, while other similar products are usually sold together with a complete door. Often, other solutions on the market also consist several different components, which our lock do not. This makes Axelent's lock more cost-effective.


Limited access and a safe warehouse storage

The fact that industries and logistics centers are expanding often means that there is a great need for increased safety in the warehouses. When using X-It Electric together with existing access control systems, you can limit access to the premises among the employees - and thus increase safety. With X-It Electric, an electronic key is registered on each person, which means that you can restrict access by deciding who should have access to specific areas. It is also possible to see who has opened which door, as the user is registered in a time log when entering and exiting. With an electronic key, ordinary traditional keys are avoided and provides opportunities to easily block a key when needed. This makes X-It Electric a safe and flexible key solution for warehouse storage.


An electronic lock takes into account several safety aspects:

  • Restricts access and availability.
  • Without traditional keys, you do not need to change locks in the event of a lost tag or key fob.
  • The use of an electronic key can be traced.
  • Ability to block an electronic key.


Which systems are compatible with the lock?

The electronic lock has several different areas of use but can preferably be used in a warehouse together with an existing access control system. In this way, X-It Electric can complement current applications and add specific features, such as limited access to a specific area. No software needs to be programmed, the lock is powered solely by electricity (12-24 volts) and is compatible with all access control systems.


With X-It Electric you will get:

  • Safe warehouse storage.
  • A cost-effective solution.
  • Freedom to choose between the code lock, tag or key fob.
  • Ability to use the lock with your existing access control system.
  • Fewer key solutions.

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