Axelent given prestigious award

For the second year running, Axelent AB can call itself a “Super Company”. A number of strict criteria must be met to receive the award. This means increasing both sales and profits at the company while also exhibiting stability and a long-term approach.

Axelent has succeeded in achieving something that few other companies in Sweden have. Only a little more than 0.1 percent of the country’s businesses end up on the list of Super Companies. Axelent AB made it onto the list in 2019 for the second year running.

Axelent’s cfo Lars Axelsson is both pleased with and proud of the award.
"This award is confirmation that we’re doing a lot of things right. Considering the strict criteria for being named a Super Company, as a business Axelent is thriving in all respects. I find the fact that a long-term approach is an important criterion to be particularly pleasing. We’ve experienced strong growth in recent years without impacting profitability. The company has always had a long-term strategy", says Lars.

The list of 717 companies that met the criteria in 2019 includes not only Axelent, but also three other companies from Hillerstorp, a town of only about 2,000 people.
"There’s a strong entrepreneurial spirit in and around Hillerstorp. If I was to try to put my finger on why there are so many successful companies here, I’d say it’s down to the right combination of being proactive yet also financially responsible,” says Lars.

Each industry is assessed based on its particular circumstances, so the award is also an indication that Axelent is well positioned in relation to other companies in the same industry.
"One of the keys to our success is that both our owners and our management have always kept the long-term perspective in mind. And we haven’t been under the same pressure as listed companies to deliver results in the short term, so I think that’s helped. But most important, of course, are all my colleagues at the company. Together, we’ve built a business where everyone gets involved and helps to achieve our common goals", Lars ends.

Information Super Companies

For the fifteenth year in a row, the business intelligence company Bisnode Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish business weekly, Veckans AffŠrer, has named this year’s Super
Comapny. Bisnode has identified and ranked the companies based on financial performance.

The model takes into account and combines each company’s growth, profits, returns, efficiency, capital structure and financing for the past four years.

To achieve the status of a Super Company, it’s not enough to perform well in one area, rather a company must master all aspects. Super Companies are characterised by long-term sales growth, sustainable profitability, strategically structured financing and effective resource management.


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