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18 jan 2022 • Safety, FAQ

Must the safety fence be earthed or connected to the safety bonding circuit?

Yes, in most cases that is required as of September 2021. Read more about it here… 

13 jan 2022 • White papers, White paper

Double Sliding Door – Ideal for commuting and feed operations in two locations

Are you going to operate in two different locations and want to use the same door?

11 jan 2022 • Movies and Infographics, Installation

Double Sliding Door – The perfect choice for operation in two locations

Ideal for commuting and feed operations in two locations – Watch our installation movie! 

7 jan 2022 • Products, Article, X-Rail

The reasons to choose our fall protection X-Rail

There is a quick and easy way to improve your mezzanine safety and eliminate the risk of hazards...

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