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18 sep 2020 • Pressreleases

We welcome Axelent AB’s new CEO Amanda Hilding

Axelent AB welcome Amanda Hilding, as Axelent AB’s new CEO. Amanda is the daughter of Mats Hildin...

21 mei 2019 • Pressreleases

Axelent winner of the Swedish Content Awards

On Thursday, May 16, Axelent together with the Content agency Glory Days won gold and silver at t...

8 sep 2017 • Pressreleases

Opening of Axelent Arena along with HV71

On September 6, the Swedish part of Axelent Group gathered for kickoff and opening of the Axelent...

15 dec 2015 • Pressreleases

Axelent Italy owned by Axelent

Axelent Italy is now wholly owned by Axelent. Yesterday Stefan Axelsson (new md) and Renato Fossa...

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