Axelent. Is it the right place to start your career and what opportunities are there for advancement? 

If you choose Axelent, put your trust in us, like us and what we have to offer then the sky's the limit. Here at Axelent AB in Hillerstorp or one of the other Group companies, possibly in another country. We have many examples of skilled employees who began with us and went on to new positions within the company – Grow with us!



Andreas Gotmark, MD, Axelent Wire Tray

Andreas Gotmark began at Axelent AB in 2005 at customer support in Hillerstorp, Sweden. In 2007 he moved to the United States, to advance further within Axelent Inc. in Chicago. He stayed there for three years and helped to build up the U.S. market before returning to Sweden in 2010. Back home, Andreas first worked for a while at Axelent Engineering AB, but then became acting director at Axelent GmbH in Stuttgart. In recent years, he has been working at Axelent Wire Tray as Sales Manager. 

“It's incredibly exciting to be involved in developing a new company in this way. Axelent Wire Tray profiles itself as a knowledgeable and quality focused company where we do not sell parts but instead, a whole concept. We offer the customer a great product range, but it’s our service and knowledge that will be crucial when customers choose us.”

Markets for Growth

“We are working in a growing market. Cable routeing systems that create good flow are in great need in many industries and sectors. We have chosen to place ourselves in a premium segment in order to distinguish ourselves and thus avoid having to constantly compete with low-cost products. Our customers should have high standards, that’s when we’re at our best.”

Specially developed for Axelent AB

“Our X-Tray system is also specially developed for Axelent AB's products and it's obviously a strength for Axelent be able to include not only machine guards in their proposals, but also custom-made wire trays. You have to constantly find distinctive characteristics that make us unique.”



Cecilia Davidsson, HR Manager 

Cecilia has worked for Axelent AB in Sweden for 15 years. She began her career journey in the market and customer service. “Over time my main task became to serve the German market. At the time all our customer service was in Hillerstorp, which meant we could serve the German sellers and customers directly. I took maternity leave in 2002 and began working again in autumn of the same year. A new post as Purchasing and Quality Coordinator was available and I had the opportunity to learn and to develop the strategic purchasing work and manage contacts with our suppliers.” 

Customer Service Manager
“In 2008 the position of Customer Service Manager was available. I was interested and got the job. Another person in the organisation then got the job of Purchasing Coordinator and I continued to coach and have the overall responsibility for purchases and quality at the same time as I took up my new role as Customer Service Manager. Getting insight into and taking part in developing both these parts has been exciting and rewarding. When I became Customer Service Manager I also became part of the Management Team of Axelent AB.” 

HR Manager
From 2014 September Cilla took up a new position as HR Manager. “It has been exciting to develop the HR role and work with different personnel issues here at Axelent.”  When asked about what she likes best about her job, Cilla replies, “Freedom and flexibility. To have the opportunity to be a part of, influence and develop the organization.” What she appreciates most about Axelent is the opportunity for personal development in a secure and expansive organisation.  

Do you have any tips for people wanting to start work at Axelent or who already work there?  

“If you do your best the whole time and show that you want to be a part of things and advance, there's a great chance you'll be noticed and become attractive to the organisation.”



Carl-Johan Magnusson, Plant Manager

Calle started his career at Axelent AB in Sweden as an offsite fitter and machine operator straight after high school. He has since moved on to Axelent Engineering (formerly Hestra Mekaniska) where he has worked with everything from machine building to aftermarket, project management, machine sales and departmental manager. “I was asked by Mats Hilding about taking on new challenges. I had previously had close contact with Johan Axelsson for a long time when Axelent Engineering delivered machines to Axelent.” 

What do you like most about your current job?
“The possibility or challenge of taking the product to the next level. I like to take on and get involved in unique projects. Production is definitely my thing.”

When asked about what he appreciates most about Axelent, he replies that the organization is quite flat with short decision paths and an involved owner.  

Do you have any tips for people wanting to start work at Axelent or who already work there?  
“There is always the possibility of advancement for those who do their best, show results and take responsibility for their task.”